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The WAND Home and Garden Thesaurus covers products and services related to the home and gardens fields. It includes home furnishing, household products, home repair, lawn and garden products, appliance, lawn care and home improvement services. Personal services for the home and household are also included here.

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Abyssinian Cats
American Bobtail Cats
American Curl Cats
American Shorthair Cats
American Wirehair Cats
Balinese Cats
Bengal Cats
Birman Cats
Bombay Cats
Brazilian Shorthair Cats
British Shorthair Cats
Burmese Cats
California Spangled Cats
Chartreux Cats
Colorpoint British Shorthair Cats
Cornish Rex Cats
Devon Rex Cats
Egyptian Mau Cats
Exotic Shorthair Cats
German Rex Cats
Havana Brown Cats
Himalayan Cats
Japanese Bobtail Cats
Javanese Cats
LaPerm Cats
Maine Coon Cats
Manx Cats
Munchkin Cats
Norwegian Forest Cats
Oriental Longhair Cats
Oriental Shorthair Cats
Persian Cats
Ragamuffin Cats
Ragdoll Cats
Russian Blue Cats
Scottish Fold Cats
Selkirk Rex Cats
Siamese Cats
Siberian Cats
Singapura Cats
Snowshoe Cats
Somali Cats
Sphynx Cats
Tonkinese Cats
Turkish Angora Cats
Turkish Van Cats