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The WAND Computers and Information Technology Taxonomy covers products and services related to the fields of computer-assisted technologies, software and the basic computer equipment itself. Technology specific to the collection and use of information is covered here. Computer services range from basic technology management and maintenance to modeling and simulation services.

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More specific terms related to Accounting and Finance Software Accounting and Finance Software
More specific terms related to Advertising and Marketing Software Advertising and Marketing Software
More specific terms related to Analytical Software Analytical Software
Applicant Tracking Software
Appointment Software
Archive Management Software
Asset Management Software
Auction Software
Bar Code Software
Business Plan Writing Software
Calendar Software
Conference Management Software
Contact Management Software
More specific terms related to Customer Support Software Customer Support Software
Data Collection Software
Data Entry Software
More specific terms related to Database Software Database Software
Document Imaging Software
Document Management Software
Electronic Catalog Software
Electronic Commerce Software
Electronic Data Interchange Software
Email Management Software
Enterprise Resource Planning Software
Forms Capture Software
Forms Software
Fundraising Software
Grant Search Software
Human Resources Software
Image Entry Software
Incorporation Software
More specific terms related to Information Management Software Information Management Software
Inventory Management Software
Job Tracking Software
Labeling Software
Layout and Design Software
Mailing List Management Software
Membership Software
Natural Language Processing Software
More specific terms related to Network Management Software Network Management Software
Office Automation Software
Office Productivity Suite Software
Order Processing Software
Organization Management Software
Pen Based Software
Presentation Software
Project Management Software
Project Tracking Software
Proposal Software
Quality Control Software
Request Management Software
Risk Management Software
More specific terms related to Sales and Marketing Software Sales and Marketing Software
Scheduling Software
Shopping Cart Software
Spreadsheet Software
Supply Chain Software
Tariff Software
Ticketing Software
Time and Attendance Software
Time Management Software
Voice Messaging Software
Word Processing Software
Workflow Software