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Guangzhou Non-ferrous Metal Foundry
Guangzhou,  Guangdong  China
Phone Number: 86-20-81985382/81985630
Fax Number: 86-20-81794962
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Chill Molds (Die Casts) - Die Casting Services - Aluminum Alloy Castings - Art Foundries
Product or Service Type: Chill Molds (Die Casts)
  Model Description
  Culture treasures series   Water moon Kwan-yin
  vertical centrifugal casting   vertical or horizontal centrifugal casting machine
Product or Service Type: Die Casting Services
  Model Description
  figure of Buddha series   Heaven Temple Buddha
Product or Service Type: Aluminum Alloy Castings
  Model Description
  Aluminum alloy casting by sand   various bar,tube and machine casting
Product or Service Type: Art Foundries
  Model Description
  Display series   Art clock