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Tynor Orthotics Ltd.
Mohali,  Punjab  India
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Cervical Collars - Splints (Medical) - Orthopedic Fracture Appliances - Knee Pads - Forearm Pads - Knee Braces - Ankle Braces - Neck Pillows - Traction Supplies and Accessories
Product or Service Type: Cervical Collars
  Model Description
  B-01   Collar Soft (Film Density)
  B-02   Cervical Collar Soft with Support
  B-03   Cervical Collar Hard Adj.
  B-05   Cervical Orthosis (Philadelphia)
  B-104   Cervical Immobiliser
Product or Service Type: Splints (Medical)
  Model Description
  F-01   Base Ball Splint
  F-02   Finger Cot
  F-06   Thumb Spica Splint
Product or Service Type: Orthopedic Fracture Appliances
  Model Description
  C-01   Pouch Arm Sling
  C-02   Universal Shoulder Immobiliser
  C-03   Elastic Shoulder Immobiliser
  C-04   Clavicle Brace With buckle
  C-05   Clavicle Brace With Velcro
  c-07   Rubber Heel
  C-09   Ulnar Brace