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X'Mas Steels Pvt. Ltd.
Mumbai,  Maharashtra  India
Phone Number: +022-27698563
Fax Number: +022-27691839
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Bandsaws - Belt Sanders - Steel Bars and Rods - Steel Tubes - Machine Grinding Services - Roll Grinders
Product or Service Type: Bandsaws
  Model Description
  Band Saw Machine   Band Saw Machine
Product or Service Type: Belt Sanders
  Model Description
  Belt Grinders   Belt Grinders & Belt Sanders
Product or Service Type: Steel Bars and Rods
  Model Description
  Plated Bars   Hard Chrome Plated Bars
Product or Service Type: Steel Tubes
  Model Description
  Steel Tubes   Steel Tubes
Product or Service Type: Machine Grinding Services
  Model Description
  Machine Grinding Services   Machine Grinding Services
Product or Service Type: Roll Grinders
  Model Description
  Roll Grinders   Roll Grinders