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Centrifugal Dryers - Heat Exchangers - Fluid Bed Dryers - Filter Dryers - Vacuum Dryers - Dryer/Mixers - Flash Dryers - Blending Equipment
Product or Service Type: Centrifugal Dryers
  Model Description
  Inverted Bag Centrifuge   A special design for inflammable and toxic
Product or Service Type: Heat Exchangers
  Model Description
  Heat Exchanger   Heat transfer from one medium to another
Product or Service Type: Fluid Bed Dryers
  Model Description
  Fluid Bed Dryer   Made out of MS / SS304 / SS316/ Aluminium
Product or Service Type: Filter Dryers
  Model Description
  Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer   Use of pharma and food industries
Product or Service Type: Vacuum Dryers
  Model Description
  Rotary Vacuum Paddle Dryer   Use low temperature drying.
  Rotocon Vacuum Filter Dryer   Used fast filtration and drying
Product or Service Type: Dryer/Mixers
  Model Description
  Cone Mixer Cum Dryer   Used high standards of mixing accuracy
  Plough Shear Mixer Dryer   Used High quality mixing with Easy maintenance
Product or Service Type: Flash Dryers
  Model Description
  Spin Flash Dryer   Used drying, pulverising & size classification.
Product or Service Type: Blending Equipment
  Model Description
  Double Cone Blender   Clean & maintain which suits GMP requirement
  Octagonal Blender   Baffles provided for ease of mixing / blending.