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The New India Electric & Trdg. Co.
Mumbai,  Maharashtra  India
Phone Number: +91-22-2265 1177
Fax Number: +91-22-22651597
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Food Processors - Food Mixers - Knife Sharpeners - Juice Extractors - Pasta Making Machines - Slicing Machines - Ravioli - Vegetable Slicers - Garlic Slicers
Product or Service Type: Food Processors
  Model Description
  Food Processors   Food Processors
Product or Service Type: Food Mixers
  Model Description
  Food Mixers   Food Mixers
Product or Service Type: Knife Sharpeners
  Model Description
  Electric sharpeners   Electric sharpeners
  Knife Sharpener   Knife Sharpener
  Knife Sharpeners-1   Knife Sharpeners-1
Product or Service Type: Juice Extractors
  Model Description
  Juice Extractors   Juice Extractors
Product or Service Type: Pasta Making Machines
  Model Description
  Pasta Making Machines   Pasta Making Machines
Product or Service Type: Slicing Machines
  Model Description
  Slicing Machines   Slicing Machines
Product or Service Type: Ravioli
  Model Description
  Ravioli   Ravioli
Product or Service Type: Vegetable Slicers
  Model Description
  Vegetable Slicers   Vegetable Slicers
Product or Service Type: Garlic Slicers
  Model Description
  Garlic Slicers   Garlic Slicers