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Vedant Fire & Security
Mumbai,  Maharashtra  India
Phone Number: +91-022-9821521078
Fax Number: +91-022-25473010 / 11
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Fire Sprinkler Systems - Fire Alarm Systems - Fire Extinguishers - Television Cameras - Closed Circuit Television Services - Access Control Systems - Fire Extinguisher Cylinders - Gas Suppression Design and Installation Services - Video Surveillance Services
Product or Service Type: Fire Sprinkler Systems
  Model Description
  Fire Sprinklers   Fire Sprinklers
  Fire Sprinklers Sys   Water Leak detection System
Product or Service Type: Fire Alarm Systems
  Model Description
  Fire Alarm System   Fire Alarm Systems
  Fire Alarm Systems   Addressable Fire Alarm System
Product or Service Type: Fire Extinguishers
  Model Description
  Fire Extinguishers   Fire Extinguishers
Product or Service Type: Television Cameras
  Model Description
  Television Cameras   Televisio CCTV Cameras
Product or Service Type: Closed Circuit Television Services
  Model Description
  CCTV & Surveillance Systems   CCTV & Surveillance Systems
Product or Service Type: Access Control Systems
  Model Description
  Access Control   Access Control
  Access Control Systems   Access Control Systems
Product or Service Type: Fire Extinguisher Cylinders
  Model Description
  Fire Extinguisher Cylinders   Gas Supprsssion System Cylinder
Product or Service Type: Gas Suppression Design and Installation Services
  Model Description
  Gas Suppression   Gas Suppression
Product or Service Type: Video Surveillance Services
  Model Description
  Remote Surveillance systems   Remote Surveillance systems