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Decunhas Modular Concepts Pvt. Ltd.
Navi Mumbai,  Maharashtra  India
Phone Number: +91-22-27602704/65168242/43
Fax Number: +91-22-27603231
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Beds - Office Workstations - Storage Cabinets - Wardrobes - Office Tables - Kitchen Fixtures
Product or Service Type: Beds
  Model Description
  Beds   Available in standard size and height
Product or Service Type: Office Workstations
  Model Description
  Workstation Furniture   High on quality and durability
Product or Service Type: Storage Cabinets
  Model Description
  Shoe Rack   Manufactured using graded raw material
  Shutters   Rich look and a fine furnishing
  Wall Units   Using high quality wood
Product or Service Type: Wardrobes
  Model Description
  Wardrobe   Easy to clean and give a stylish look
Product or Service Type: Office Tables
  Model Description
  Desk Top Furniture   Used for keeping various computer peripherals
Product or Service Type: Kitchen Fixtures
  Model Description
  Kitchen Furniture   Made by qualitative raw material