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Pre-Tech Engineering
Bhopal,  Madhya Pradesh  India
Phone Number: 91-755-4261883 / 9826087030
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Food Processors - Pasta Making Machines - Conveyors, Other
Product or Service Type: Food Processors
  Model Description
  Geltinezer   Easy to install and use
  Pre Dryer Machine   Its durable and save power
  Soya Lecithin Plant   Made up of superior quality components
  Soya Nugget Plant   Easy to use and low maintenance
  Soya Plant   Low power consumption
  Three Stage Dryer   Easy to install and save power
Product or Service Type: Pasta Making Machines
  Model Description
  Pasta Plant   Its durable and easy to use
Product or Service Type: Conveyors, Other
  Model Description
  Conveyor Systems   Easy to install and use