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Exolloys Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
Pune,  Maharashtra  India
Phone Number: +(91)-(20)-27119078 / 27119087
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Reaction Vessels - Distillation Equipment, Other - Heat Exchangers - Laser Cutting Machines - Dyeing Machines - Storage Tanks - Pressure Vessels - Agitators - Conveyor Dryers - Jigger Machines - Pulp and Paper Processing
Product or Service Type: Reaction Vessels
  Model Description
  Reaction Vessels / Reactors   High durability, corrosion & temperature resistant
Product or Service Type: Distillation Equipment, Other
  Model Description
  Distillation Columns   Sturdily designed to deliver desired results
Product or Service Type: Heat Exchangers
  Model Description
  Heat Exchanger   Available in various sizes and specifications
Product or Service Type: Laser Cutting Machines
  Model Description
  Laser cut fabricated drames   Fabricated using quality material
  Punch Press   Sturdily constructed, dimensionally accurate
Product or Service Type: Dyeing Machines
  Model Description
  Fabric Dyeing Machine Small   Offers problem-free operations
  Fabric Dyeing Machine U Shape   Economical in their use of water, steam, chemicals
  Soft Flow Fabric Dyeing Mach.   Special in-built features
  Vertical Yarn Dyeing Machine   Compact and easy to operate
Product or Service Type: Storage Tanks
  Model Description
  Storage Tanks   High durability and sturdy construction
Product or Service Type: Pressure Vessels
  Model Description
  Pressure vessels   Ensures durability, reliability & high performance
Product or Service Type: Agitators
  Model Description
  Chemical Tanks with Mixer   High durability, less maintenance, easy operation
Product or Service Type: Conveyor Dryers
  Model Description
  Relax Dryer Machine   Perfect tensionless conveying system
Product or Service Type: Jigger Machines
  Model Description
  Automatic Jigger   Suitable for woven/knit fabric
  Jigger For Scouring, Bleaching   Meant for scouring, bleaching & dyeing application