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Sainath Process Works
Mumbai,  Maharashtra  India
Phone Number: +91-22-66779982 / 26839439
Fax Number: +91-22-66779982
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Sign Plates - Trophies - Name Plates - Metal Labels - Clothes Hangers - Name Badges - Floating Key Tags
Product or Service Type: Sign Plates
  Model Description
  Corporate Name Boards   Corporate Name Boards
Product or Service Type: Trophies
  Model Description
  Brass Gift Items Trophies Logo   Special Types of Brass Gift Items Trophies Logo
Product or Service Type: Name Plates
  Model Description
  Anodised Name Plates and Label   Anodised Name Plates and Labels
  Cut Letters   Cut Letters in Brass and Stainless Steel
  Etched Name Plates and labels   Aluminium Anodised Etched Name Plates and labels
  Laser Engraved Plates   Laser Engraved Plates
Product or Service Type: Metal Labels
  Model Description
  Brass Etched Lables and Dials   Brass Etched Lables and Dials
  Offset Printed Labels and Dial   Aluminium Anodised offset Printed Labels and Dial
Product or Service Type: Clothes Hangers
  Model Description
  Heavy Duty Hangers   Heavy Duty Hangers
Product or Service Type: Name Badges
  Model Description
  Badges   Different Types of Badges
Product or Service Type: Floating Key Tags
  Model Description
  Brass And S.S. Key Tags   Brass And S.S. Key Tags For Hotels