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Acoustics India
Indore,  Madhya Pradesh  India
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Television Studio Control Consoles - Interior Decorating Services - Recording Studios - Hospital Support Services - Residential Real Estate Services - Mechanical Engineering Services - Modular Office Systems - Educational Technology Services - Hindu Temples - Transportation Engineering Services - Halls and Auditoriums - Home Health Care Software - Industrial Services
Product or Service Type: Television Studio Control Consoles
  Model Description
  Broadcasting T.V. Studios   Ariana Television & FM Network
Product or Service Type: Interior Decorating Services
  Model Description
  Architectural Consulting   Room shape and size considerations
  Hotel Industries   Provides complete acoustical Interior Design
  Other Products   Provides complete acoustical Interior Design
Product or Service Type: Recording Studios
  Model Description
  F.M. and Broadcasting   Bhutan Broadcasting Service
  Film Studio   
  Music Recording   
Product or Service Type: Hospital Support Services
  Model Description
  Hospitals,Therapy Centers ENT   Healthcare
Product or Service Type: Residential Real Estate Services
  Model Description
  Individual Houses   
Product or Service Type: Mechanical Engineering Services
  Model Description
  Mechanical System Noise   Mechanical System Noise and Vibration Control
Product or Service Type: Modular Office Systems
  Model Description
Product or Service Type: Educational Technology Services
  Model Description
  Teleconferencing   Teleconferencing / Videoconferencing
Product or Service Type: Hindu Temples
  Model Description