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Mithila Malleables Pvt. Ltd.
Mandi Gobindgarh,  Punjab  India
Phone Number: +91-1763-228989,291213
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Alloy Steel Plates - Casting Rings - Slag - Roller Conveyors - Rolling Mills - Soft Metal-Melting Pots - Punching Tools - Rotors - Rudder Angle Indicators - Windmill Pumps - Ladles - Hazardous Waste Drums (Containers) - Tire Services - Heat Treating Furnaces - Hydraulic Presses - Labyrinth Seals - O-Rings - Gear Cutting Services - Hydroelectric Turbines - Sawmill Edgers - Bolster Plates - Girth Rings - Assembly Services
Product or Service Type: Alloy Steel Plates
  Model Description
  Alloy Steel Plates   Alloy Steel Plates
Product or Service Type: Casting Rings
  Model Description
  Cast And Welding Fabrication   Cast And Welding Fabrication
  Cast Steel Rope Drums   Cast Steel Rope Drums
  Casting Rings   Casting Rings
  Sponge Iron Castings   Sponge Iron Castings
  Steam Turbine Castings   Steam Turbine Castings
Product or Service Type: Slag
  Model Description
  Slag Pot   Slag Pot
  Slag Pot With Tilting Ring   Slag Pot With Tilting Ring
Product or Service Type: Roller Conveyors
  Model Description
  Kiln Support Roller   Kiln Support Roller
Product or Service Type: Rolling Mills
  Model Description
  Housing For A Cold Roling Mill   Housing For A Cold Roling Mill
  Parallel Beam Rolling   Parallel Beam Rolling
  Rolling Mill Chock   Rolling Mill Chock
  Rolling Mill Under Machine   Rolling-Mill-Chock-Under-Machining
Product or Service Type: Soft Metal-Melting Pots
  Model Description
  The Melting Shop   The Melting Shop
Product or Service Type: Punching Tools
  Model Description
  Punch   Punch