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Sun Motor Ind Co Ltd.
Hong Kong,   Hong Kong - China
Phone Number: (852)23203620
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AC Motors - DC Motors - Electric Motors, Other - Miniature Motors
Product or Service Type: AC Motors
  Model Description
  BD Series   AC Motor
  UA Series   AC Motor for Slicer
Product or Service Type: DC Motors
  Model Description
  S10 Series   Motor for Motorized Toy
  S18 Series   Motor for Motorized Toy
Product or Service Type: Electric Motors, Other
  Model Description
  BD20HN01   Motor for Blender and Food Processor
  GH/GL 12/15   Motor Application for Coffee Maker and Grinder
Product or Service Type: Miniature Motors
  Model Description
  S38 Series   Motor for Water Pump
  SK263 Series   Motor for Household Electronics