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Bakersville India Pvt. Ltd.
Indore,Indore,  Madhya Pradesh  India
Phone Number: +91-9713688888,+91-9713688888
Fax Number: ,0731-4043366
Product or Service Type: Chocolate
  Model Description
  Cake Top   
  Chocolate Melter   
  Chocolate Transfer Mould   
  Modeling Chocolate Paste   
  Transfer Roll   
  Transfer Sheet   
Product or Service Type: Cocoa Butter
  Model Description
  Cocoa Butter   
Product or Service Type: Felt-Tipped Pens and Markers
  Model Description
  Felt-Tipped Pens and Markers   
Product or Service Type: Cake Tops
  Model Description
  Cake Tops   
Product or Service Type: Bakery Products Trading Companies
  Model Description
   Whipping Cream   
  Bakery Products Company   
Product or Service Type: Cake Making Equipment Supplies and Decorations
  Model Description
  Assorted Pack   
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