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PM Projects & Services Pvt Ltd.
Indore,  Madhya Pradesh  India
Phone Number: +91-9826052924 / 0731 4041373
Fax Number: ,+91-731-4046265
Product or Service Type: Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
  Model Description
  Project Consultancy   
  Sourcing of Technology & Equip   
Product or Service Type: Industrial Feeders
  Model Description
  Apron Feeders   
  Belt Feeders   
  Bin Activation Feeders   
  Rotary Air Lock Feeders   
  Rotary Table Feeders   
  Screw Feeders   
  Vibratory Feeders   
Product or Service Type: Machinery Design Services
  Model Description
   Thermal Design Of Equipment   
  Mechanical Design of Equipment   
  Piping Design   
  Pressure Vessel Design   
  Tank Farm Design   
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